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کلمه کاربری رمز عبور
مایلم هم اکنون عضو شوم رمز عبور را فراموش کرده ام
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In order to develop research activities ...


     In order to develop research activities and finding solutions to the health problems in the field of neuroscience and according to this article of association this center is called Neuroscience research center with the following goals

1- Developing and applying human knowledge in the field of science
2- Carrying out basic. Epidemiological and clinical researches in order to improve the quality of Health Care System and respond to the needs of Islamic community
3- Collecting, arranging and stratifing the related documents and articles
4- Training researchers in the field of neuroscience
5- Encouraging and employing researchers
6- Trying to draw the attention and having the cooperation of the related research centers and administrative organizations in the country
7- Scientific cooperation with educational and research centers of other countries and international organizations based on the regulations of Islamic Republic of Iran